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I admit I didn't listen to the podcast-- so much to learn, so little time-- but I did read the piece by James Fitzgerald on Coreysdigs.

I appreciate that Fitzgerald pays a great deal of attention to the climate pseudoscience, which is lurking in the wings to emerge as the mother of all emergencies and to justify the 'necessary' monitoring and managing measures in store for us. It's so important to dismantle the monster of this pseudoscience before it consumes us all.

Thank you!

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WEF is but a puppet of even bigger and more evil scheme of puppeteers.

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The World Is A Stage

The World Economic Forum is a front organisation. Klaus Schwab is a puppet actor who portrays the character of Doctor Evil


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Mr. FitzGerald is very knowledgeable and a good source for answers to Ginger’s questions! Thank you Peter and Ginger. Mr. FitzGerald gently mentioned The Bank for International Settlements. If they gave the BIS its proper name they would call it “the vice screw on the bench vice that screws the power of the Illuminati down to the people of earth.” Although the vice itself would be composed of the entire bank hierarchy, and the corporatocracy and the government. This link is a picture of where the BIS sits: https://ifunny.co/picture/follow-the-money-financial-elite-domination-flite-wealth-control-resources-nSReE7rh8

For the source of this pyramid refer to the videos on:


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Who cares who the flesh and blood psychopaths are at the pinnacle of the power hierarchy! We know that the Master Mind is satanic and luciferian. Doesn’t that tell us all we need to know in the context of “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against....”?

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Excellent Post...Knew you guys could place the actual truth into the Ether. Society simply MUST define the actual threat faced and choose courage in the face of this Hydra wishing to turn all into stone to match their Godless souls.

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While it’s true that Bill Gates and other monsters like Schwab are at the bottom to middle of the 1/10th of one percent of the very top of the Eugenicist pyramid, and that Gates is not very intelligent, he’s still very involved and fully understands his role to install global controls over all minds in order to limit the individual rights of those who are left after reducing world population by disease and war.

I’ve discovered over ten hours of footage of Bill Gates (it’s out there and searchable) in various settings—large university-like classrooms with State Department, DoD, FBI and CIA officers—discussing the use of FalseFlag pandemics followed by compulsory vaccines to deliver nanotechnology into people; weapons for sterilizing, tracking and control minds—with the understanding that through the process of testing these weaponized-vaccines, medicines, food, water—fascinating a genetically-targeted mass genocide.

Please do NOT make the mistake of labeling Gates and Schwab as powerless, mindless pawns just following orders from the Eugenicist trillionaires. Schwab, just like Kissinger, are NOT ignorant, but well educated with a full understanding of the Eugenicist protocols by those at the very top. Be very, very careful of anyone downplaying these wealthy tools-bots like Gates, Kissinger and Schwab as low level mercenaries. These individuals have tens of thousands of paid “actors” scattered about the world (most attached to intelligence agencies, both private think tanks and government like the CIA, MI6 and Mossad), who pretend to care, but are only delivering messages to the public that will trap society into inaction, unless war against each-other, keeping people trapped and preoccupied with fear, disease and destroying their own world life-support systems (forests, water and normal seeds). Meanwhile, these technologies you mentioned can be further developed in secret leading up to the final event; a world war.

Though it’s my understanding they are optimistic about using these weapons of disease and other conventional weapons of war will be successful, the ultra wealthy have been preparing to use the nuclear option as a last resort while cowering in the luxury, underground shelters for up to five hundred years, if necessary, built to protect only them.

The bunkers built for ALL politicians, worldwide, are not what they seem and will be completely destroyed along with all archives—if and when the nuclear option is used.

Always keep in mind that “they” will tell the world their plans in advance by-way-of the media and government offices they control, just as they have been, over and over again, so to satisfy two major rules they follow: one—to divulge their plans to the public so they can insist by “bought legal policy” that we sheeple were informed, therefor responsible for accepting it and the outcome (such as accepting the Vaxx, though forced by fear to accept it); two—to appease a sick satanic god that’s more of a “ritualistic satanic practice” rather than a Satan god they believe is real. They actually believe “they” are Satan itself, as a whole, self-chosen to rule over all life, but now with scientific controls; unnatural destruction of diversified DNA and the recreation (trans-human) synthetic, soulless life forms.

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The same ones who have been behind it from the beginning of our species. The Lost Book of Enki will fill in the details if you really want to know. The Mayan Popol Vuh has a nice twist on the story. If you want to find them there is a map in a watery cave in the Yucatan.

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- [ ] Here you will find the result of about 10000 h (around 30 books and other material) countless hours of avoiding traps and controlled oppositions- the results of sober research (with notes) - amongst seemingly wild assumptions, mostly a solid plethora of truly courageous whistleblowers from the truthcore- who are not under the NDAs (like our shiny freedom doctors) or vile blackmail- a few courageous souls, who are simply brave enough, to speak the truth about "Covid", namely that it is in fact: A cyber - physical backbone.

- [ ] https://open.substack.com/pub/telestai/p/approaching-truth?r=10r0gt&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

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Very fascinating interview. There are many things that can be done with drones, so none of this is surprising. Given that the military controls our airspace, this is all very concerning. The people behind this are all very money and power/greed-driven. They feel they are entitled to do this and behave like this.

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Short Answer: The Christian Vatican in Rome!😡 It began the fake Bible religion Christianity from pagan roots in The Third Century A.D.. It also formed Islam from pagan sources in The Sixth Century A.D. Communism and the Nazis were added in the 20th Century. The papacy has become the beast of Revelation 13:1 and the name of its image (idol) is "Jesus Christ." Yahshua the Messiah Returns VERY SOON! HalleluYah!😇 I post publicly and freely on MeWe.


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@Dr Peter Bregging and Ginger There is something we are missing nanomedicine and Nanotechnology does not have to include transhumanism. The race to slave us may well be the risk on the actual status quo in the "game" aka pharma and who gets their benefits as soon as nanomedicine becomes main stream, but for that we need those Scientific advances in the right hands, on medical and researchers with a soul that really cares for the humanity and the human beings. I have published a post, if anyone would like to discuss it. Thank you https://open.substack.com/pub/humanitylives/p/based-on-the-future-of-nanotechnology?r=28az67&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Will listen soon. Just finished this one. Which I found very interesting with a lot of historical tie-ins


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James Fitzgerald and Corey's Digs are at least six years ("Q") and up to 37 years (The Montauk Project - https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/2022/04/16/montauk-project-experiments-in-time/) behind on the available information about human trafficking, the secret space program, the state of technological development, exopolitics and the truth about the human race.

"The Greatest Show on Earth" -- a film by Nick Alvear


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Thank you for this podcast and for your work.

I understand what the issues are and agree with the precepts, however, I’d like to round out our perception a bit of the August fire that destroyed much of Lahainatown on Maui.

The gist is that the phenomena we saw can be entirely explained by the behavior of natural fires in natural local weather conditions.

We’ve heard much ado about what burned and did not burn, how it seemed impossibly unusual and were led to conclude that only purposeful destructive technology could have have achieved those results. Yes, this technology can have been used (it has indeed existed for decades) but it would have been unnecessary and highly redundant in this case.

Read and inquire about the erratic behavior of high wind fires, ashes and embers, and the intensified temperatures and tornadoes produced.

This is well known and understood and produces exactly what we saw with the Lahaina fires that day.

Study closely and compare aerial photos and clips. (You’ll see, for one, that many colored objects besides blue ones remained unburned; and please note that a blue object will, of course, no longer be identified as blue(!) —a burned blue car, for example, will be a grey wreck, as is any red or black one; you won’t know what color a burned formerly blue object was. You’ll also see red as well as blue roofs — of tile and heavy steel.). I also observed that many photos and videos had a lowered color saturation and these sometimes contained inconsistent and apparently enhanced color spots and areas. So where did the first “blue object” meme come from? How was it purveyed before it became a “given”, like so many other notions concerning the Lahaina fire.

Please research the unique geography, ecology, history of fires and weather conditions on Maui (a very similar one occurred in 2019 and was met with an identical dismal response by local emergency and officials, followed by UN-IMPLEMENTED recommendations!), the road systems, the (long-corrupt) politics, the people of Maui and especially that of West Maui.

The right and informed questions were not asked. Facts were omitted, misunderstood or skewed and then provocatively sensationalized by misleading or misled exposers and writers, repeating and building on the ill-informed rumors and innuendos. Basing logical conclusions on faulty premises. These have aroused understandable suspicions, but these in particular have been built upon poorly thought out and uninformed snowballing narratives.

Because I know Lahaina and W Maui so well and knew about fires as well, I was able to discern what was and was not true, likely or possible. My question becomes — Are we, in the truth community, being led to move into this narrative deliberately? Why might that be? To discredit? To distract? It causes us to look at the right hand, when the left hand is deftly and unnoticed doing the trick — Look here, not there. Have we too easily been influenced? Has our confirmation bias rendered us alert only to what fits into what they’d term our “conspiracy theories”? (exploiting our having become conditioned since most of these have proven to be true! ) Were we lazy and easily led on this one — forgetting that we must always always seek facts, question assumptions — even when answers lead us away from hard-won and worthy skepticism of official narratives?

I believe we must learn to be free of being led at all. Free of resting on our or others’ assumptions. Free of our own limiting confirmation biases. Testing our sources of information & what they deliver to us. We got here because we are free-thinkers, inquirers, researchers. We must hold fast to this integrity and always seek truth — wherever it might lead us.

I don’t have time here to go into all the things I’d like to here, but any questions wrt the Lahaina fire are most welcome.

Thanks & God Bless!

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